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Tell the EPA to say NO to Dangerous Sulfide Mines

Our country’s beautiful lakes and pristine boundary waters are dangerously close to being contaminated for centuries to come if we don’t act now. Right now, thousands of people in Minnesota are fighting against a sulfide mining project that would leave the surrounding lands and waters polluted for up to 500 years. If they’re going to win the fight, they will need the support from people all the across the country who will speak out against this dangerous practice.

We have less than two weeks to flood the EPA with comments to make sure they block this hazardous and nearsighted project. Will you help by sending them a message today?

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Say NO to Sulfide Mining (Comment on PolyMet NorthMet SDEIS)

Dear EPA Administrator Hedman,

I urge you to reject the PolyMet sulfide mining proposal and keep Minnesota's water and lands safe and clean.

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