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Stand with the Senators who pulled an all-nighter to demand action on climate change

On Monday, March 10, throughout the whole night, more than 30 senators spoke out on the Senate floor about the urgent need for Congress to "wake up" and take action on climate change.

We want to thank them and show them that people across the country have their back. Add your name here to help us show that Americans overwhelmingly support their efforts to address the greatest challenge of our generation.

In case you're interested, here is the list of senators who participated:

Majority Leader Harry Reid; Senator Dick Durbin; Senator Charles Schumer; Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; Senator Patty Murray; Senator Maria Cantwell; Senator Brian Schatz; Senator Sheldon Whitehouse; Senator Barbara Boxer; Senator Dianne Feinstein; Senator Bill Nelson; Senator Benjamin Cardin; Senator Mark Udall; Senator Tom Udall; Senator Martin Heinrich; Senator Jeanne Shaheen; Senator Ron Wyden; Senator Jeff Merkley; Senator Amy Klobuchar; Senator Al Franken; Senator Richard Blumenthal; Senator Chris Murphy; Senator Angus King; Senator Tim Kaine; Senator Elizabeth Warren; Senator Edward Markey; Senator Cory Booker; Senator Patrick Leahy; Senator Bernard Sanders; Senator Chris Coons; and Senator Jack Reed

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I support and thank you for your efforts to elevate the urgent need for action to fight climate change.

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