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Tell the EPA: Protect Farmworkers from Toxic Pesticide Exposure

Every year, 10,000-20,000 farmworkers are poisoned on the job due to pesticide exposure. Thankfully, the EPA has just proposed rules that better protect farmworkers from these toxic pesticides, ensuring that farmworkers finally receive the same types of protections as workers in other professions.

This would be the first update to these rules in 22 years and could be a great step forward for environmental justice. But we have to make sure that the EPA makes these safeguards strong enough to fully protect workers and not just make a few small changes to existing regulations.

Submit a public comment telling the EPA to finalize strong safeguards that better protect farmworkers from toxic pesticide exposure and ensure a healthier community for us all.

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Worker Protection Standards for farmworkers must be stronger (Docket number: EPA-HQ-OPP-2011-0184)

Dear Administrator McCarthy,

Farmworkers are an important part of our communities, our food system, and the American economy. They deserve the same protections that other workers enjoy. While I am in support of the EPA finally issuing stronger regulations to better protect farmworkers from toxic pesticide exposure, there are a number of areas that I hope are addressed in the final version to ensure farmworkers have the strongest protections possible.
* Children should not be working with pesticides! Raise the minimum age of pesticide handlers to 18;
*Require posting of pesticide hazard information in a central location so farmworkers don't have to ask the employer to access it;
*Require mandatory posting of fields where pesticides that have a 24-hour waiting period before it's safe to re-enter have been applied;
*Require nationwide medical monitoring for workers who handle the most dangerous and neurotoxic pesticides.

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