Tell Attorney General Eric Holder: Protect Our Voting Rights

Latino voters play a major role in deciding elections, and our political voice is growing every year. We can’t let discriminatory voting laws stop us from exercising one of our most important rights.

Join us in urging Attorney General Eric Holder to challenge these unjust laws and protect our voting rights.

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Protect our voting rights

Dear Attorney General Holder,

We write to express our concern about discriminatory state voting laws and ask that you take legal action against any states that pass laws that could disenfranchise countless Americans.

State governments should not impose laws that make it harder to register to vote, make it harder to vote, and make it harder to have votes counted.

Despite the Supreme Court's decision to take away pre-approval of certain state election laws from the Department of Justice, you can still use the other pieces of the Voting Rights Act to challenge states that implement dangerous laws.

We were encouraged to see you file a law suit against the state of Texas when they recently instituted a dangerous Voter ID law. However, it is critical that you go beyond that state, and commit to challenging any state that tries to pass one of these unfair laws.

Please take action to protect our voting rights now and in the future.

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