Tell the EPA: We need strong protections against toxic coal ash

Toxic coal ash is a threat to our health, especially Latino communities, and we need the EPA to put commonsense safeguards in place. The heavy metals in coal ash endanger vital organs, especially in children, and exacerbate asthmatic and other respiratory conditions. We’ll only get the necessary protections if we take action now to call for strong regulations on coal ash.

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Finalize strong protections against toxic coal ash

Dear Administrator McCarthy,

TThe recent spill of over 30,000 tons of toxic coal ash in North Carolina is a potent reminder of why we need strong regulations on the coal industry. And large Latino communities, like Hazleton, Pennsylvania, are continually plagued by clouds of toxic dust due to nearby coal ash dumps. As you finalize new coal ash protections, I urge you to make them as strong as possible, for the health of Latino and all other impacted communities across the country.

Right now, there are 45 coal ash storage centers in 27 locations across the country that have been deemed as a "high hazard potential rating" -- that means that if these structures fail and coal ash leaks, it is likely that people will die. We simply cannot afford to wait any longer to confront this danger.

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