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Tell Senator Johnson to Stop Denying and Start Acting on Climate Change

You know it. I know it. The U.S. military, NASA, and 97% of climate scientists know it. But somehow Senator Ron Johnson just doesn't get it. He says he doesn't see the connection between carbon pollution from human activities and climate change, even when the impacts to our health, economy, and climate are already being felt.

We don't have time for this nonsense. If Big Oil-backed, climate-denying decision makers like Senator Johnson don't get busy, we will all pay the consequences. Tell Senator Johnson that it's time to stop denying science and start taking action on climate change to protect future generations. Please take action now.

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Stop denying, start acting on climate change

Dear Senator Johnson,

The U.S. military, NASA, and 97% of climate scientists see the connection - carbon pollution from human activities is causing climate change and we're feeling the impacts now.

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