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The Supreme Court just made a huge decision -- one we're dubbing "Citizens United 2" -- which eliminates limits on how much individuals can give in total to federal candidates every election cycle. If we allow it to stand, this ruling would open the floodgates for billionaires like the Koch brothers to send their dirty energy dollars directly to candidates in every single race around the country.

Congress can fight back by passing legislation to address this skewed playing field, but we only have a chance at getting them to act if we speak out now. Fill in your information here to send a message to your members of Congress today and make sure they pass fair election laws that keep Big Oil from wreaking havoc on our democracy.

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Fight the Supreme Court's new ruling

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I am outraged and concerned to hear about last week's McCutcheon v. FEC Supreme Court ruling, which eliminates limits on how much individuals can give, in total, to federal candidates every election cycle. As your constituent, I call on you to act immediately to fight back against this undemocratic ruling that would put our elections even more in control of the wealthy and powerful rather than the vast majority of Americans.

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