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Tell Walgreens to keep toxic chemicals out of our household products!

A recent study of Walgreens products found toxic chemicals in products like handbags, school supplies, pet chew toys, shower curtains, and more. These types of chemicals have been linked to cancer, asthma, and other serious health problems. This is unacceptable!

Despite other major retailers like Target and Walmart already taking action to remove toxic chemicals from their products, Walgreens has yet to make any changes to their chemical policy. Join us in calling them out for their irresponsible actions and demand change! We want to get at least 50,000 messages to Walgreens' CEO this week—add your name here:

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Protect your customers from hazardous chemicals in your products

Dear Mr. Wasson,

As a Walgreens customer, I am highly concerned about the toxic chemicals found in many of your household products.

According to a recent study, many products sold at Walgreens contain one or more chemicals that are known to be toxic to our health, including the school supplies our children use, the chew toys our pets play with, and the cleaners we use in our homes. They are part of our everyday lives, and yet they can be dangerous.

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