Tell Governor Christie to support clean energy and cleaner air in New Jersey

The New Jersey Appellate Court just ruled that Governor Chris Christie’s administration illegally removed the state from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in 2011. Now we have the opportunity to get back in this exciting program designed to cut carbon pollution from power plants and promote investments in clean energy. But we have to speak out now if we want to make it happen.

Join LCV and the New Jersey League of Conservation Voters in sending Governor Christie a message below urging him to put New Jersey back on the path to clean energy.

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New Jersey needs the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Dear Governor Christie,

In the past four years alone, New Jersey has been devastated by extreme temperatures and superstorms like Hurricanes Sandy, Irene, and Lee. And it's only going to get worse if we don't take action now to curb carbon emissions from power plants--one of the leading causes of climate change.

I was disappointed when your administration removed New Jersey from the successful Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in 2011, but now we have the chance to reenter the program and take control of our energy future.

Through RGGI, we can not only limit carbon dioxide emissions--one of the leading causes of global warming and climate change--but we can generate revenue to invest in a clean energy future. Already the states participating in RGGI have cut emissions by nearly 40 percent, and generated millions.

New Jersey needs this! We have an opportunity to become a national model of sustainable clean energy, but only if you act now.

That's why I, as your constituent, urge you to reenter New Jersey in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and keep our state clean and beautiful for future generations.

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