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Support the students standing up to Dirty Coal!

For over two weeks now, students at Washington University in St. Louis have been staging a sit-in to protest the university’s close ties to the world’s largest privately-owned coal company, Peabody Energy. This is one part of our collective movement to fight climate change, and they could use all the support they can get.

People around the country, those connected with Washington University and others, are standing up in support -- catching the attention of national media and sending a message of warning to universities everywhere that they need to cut ties with the dirty energy industry or feel the consequences.

Sign our letter to Mark Wrighton, the Chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis, and join the students in their fight against Dirty Coal!

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I support the students' call to cut ties with Peabody Energy

Dear Chancellor Wrighton,

In the spirit of action that spurred the first Earth Day, I am inspired by the new generation that is standing up to the dirty energy industry and helping fight climate change. I support the students' sit-in asking you to cut Washington University in St. Louis's ties with Peabody Energy. These students are putting their education into action by acknowledging the need to act immediately on climate change and building our movement for a more just and sustainable future.

Peabody Energy has a horrible track record, destroying lands and threatening communities from Illinois to the Black Mesa Navajo reservation to Indonesia. They've been a part of the industry lobby to block the EPA enacting the first-ever national limits on carbon pollution from power plants that would protect our health and fight climate change.

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