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Tell BP the Gulf Coast cleanup isn't over!

Four years after BP's massive spill in the Gulf, tar balls are still washing up on the shore and fishermen say the impacts of the spill are still affecting their businesses. Hundreds of dolphins, birds, oysters, sea turtles and other wildlife are still dying. The work is clearly not done, yet BP thinks it is. That's crazy!

The Coast Guard has made it clear that they don't intend to let BP walk away from this mess, but they need our support to take on this immensely powerful oil conglomerate, especially now that BP is allowed to bid to drill in the Gulf again.

So this Earth Day, we are coming together to show our outrage at BP. Add your name here to tell BP CEO, Bob Dudley, to finish the job and clean up the Gulf of Mexico.

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Your cleanup of the Gulf is not over yet!

Dear Mr. Dudley,

In 2010, your company vowed that it would "make things right" after the devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Yet just four years later, you claim that the active cleanup is over.

This spill killed 11 people and spewed 200 million gallons of oil into the fragile ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico, killing wildlife and harming an entire region's economy. This disaster is not over -- not by a long shot. And in light of your company's recent spill in Lake Michigan and your efforts to return to drilling in the Gulf, your apparent desire to shirk your cleanup responsibilities is that much more troubling.

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