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Show your support for Senator Brian Schatz' call for action on climate change in Hawaii!

Hawaii is already dealing the impacts of the climate crisis. Rising sea levels, extreme storms, and erratic temperatures are affecting the environment and the economy. That’s why Senator Brian Schatz continues to work local and national scientists and policy makers to help the state prepare for these threats.

Last week, Senator Schatz co-hosted a few great events focused on increasing renewable energy resources in Hawaii and creating more sustainable and climate resilient communities including discussions with special guests like former Vice President Al Gore and Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Senator Barbara Boxer.

Send a quick note to thank Senator Schatz for his efforts to engage folks in Hawaii on the urgent need to address climate change.

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Thank you for highlighting the need to act on climate in Hawaii

Dear Senator Schatz,

I appreciate your efforts to address climate change. As you know, Hawaii is already dealing with the impacts of rising sea-levels, coastal erosion, and extreme storms. These and other effects of climate change will only get worse if we do not do something, so thank you for highlighting the need for urgent action to address the greatest challenge of our generation.

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