Tell your state legislators to support Connecticut’s public lands

After months of negotiations, grassroots lobbying, and community involvement, SB70, a bill designed to protect Connecticut’s public lands is poised for passage in both Senate and House.

Through this bill, Connecticut state officials will have the authority to designate, identify, and protect lands for public use and benefit, including lands used for conservation, public enjoyment, or recreational purposes. But we need YOUR help to make sure it passes. Add your name below to tell your legislator to pass SB70!

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Vote for SB70: Stand up for Connecticut's Public Lands

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Connecticut is home to thousands of acres of valuable public lands like Hammonasset Beach State Park, Gillette Castle State Park, Peoples State Forest, Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area, and more. But right now these state treasures are vulnerable to being sold or given away. The same is true of thousands of acres of state-owned agricultural lands.

These lands not only contribute to a healthy and vital ecosystem, but they also have many proven economic benefits. A 2013 study from UConn showed that Connecticut's State Parks and forests net over $1.2 billion in annual revenue for the state's economy. Our state needs these public lands!

Passing SB70 is an important step to help protect our public lands for future generations. As your constituent, I value these public lands and support this bill. I urge you to vote yes on SB70, and help to protect our most treasured open spaces.

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