Keep Ohio moving forward on clean, renewable energy!

Since 2008, Ohio has made tremendous progress and become a nationwide leader in renewable and efficient energy. All of this hard work, new jobs, and consumer savings are at stake because of a new bill, SB 310, that will freeze Ohio’s renewable energy and efficiency standards the first time in history this has happened in any state.

UPDATE: Since we emailed you about it last week, we've had an exciting advancement in this campaign! Hundreds of you took action to urge Ohio officials to keep clean energy moving forward in the state, and sources tell us Governor Kasich is threatening to veto this terrible bill if it passes in the senate. We're closer than we've ever been to winning this fight. So the most important thing we can do now is show Governor Kasich he has our support. Send the governor a message to thank him and let him know you will hold him to his promise to stop this bill.

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Keep Ohio's energy clean!

Dear Governor Kasich,

Ohio is fast becoming a national leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Even in this struggling economy, our state is benefiting from thousands of newly created jobs and billions of dollars in energy bill savings.

Despite these proven advancements for our state, a terrible new bill (SB 310) is being pushed through the state senate to halt our renewable and energy efficiency standards. Last week, you indicated that you will veto this bill if it passes in the senate. As your constituent, I want to thank you for the stance you are taking against this horrible bill and urge you to keep Ohio moving forward by vetoing SB 310 if it comes to your desk.

Not only will this bill jeopardize existing clean energy jobs, but it could prevent future jobs and will restore unchecked authority to the dirty utility companies that waste electricity and pass the costs off to the consumers. We cannot afford to go backwards on our clean energy advancements.

It's not just everyday citizens who oppose SB 310 either. Some of Ohio's largest businesses like Whirlpool, Honda, Johnson Controls, Honeywell and Owens Corning have all publicly opposed SB 310. If passed, it will be the first time in history any state has ever moved to reduce, freeze, or repeal renewable energy standards.

It is crystal clear that SB 310 is bad news for our state's economy and will stop all forward progress in lessening our addiction to dirty energy. So thank you for holding strong in opposing this bill and issuing a veto stop it if necessary.

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