Tell Duke Energy: Stop polluting our communities and attacking clean energy!

Duke Energy, the largest electric power company in the Southeast, is trying to prevent the expansion of clean energy like rooftop solar. We deserve better options, and should not be limited by a company that produces the majority of its electricity from dirty fossil fuels.

Worse yet, Dirty Duke is polluting communities in Tampa, Florida; the Dan River in North Carolina; and other areas throughout the Southeast. Please join us in our campaign with and other allies to call out Dirty Duke, and demand a cleaner energy future for all. Add your name now!

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Stop polluting our communities and attacking clean energy!

Dear Duke Energy,

I am appalled at Duke Energy's efforts to block the growth of clean energy by cutting reimbursement rates for solar energy customers in North Carolina. Much of the Southeast is behind other parts of the country in the race towards a clean energy future, and Duke Energy should help lead the way in facilitating this transition, not continue the status quo of dirty fossil fuels that pollute our communities and are fueling climate change.

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