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Tell Fox News their coverage of the National Climate Assessment is disgraceful!

Early last week, the U.S. Global Change Research Program released the third National Climate Assessment (NCA), an in-depth look at the causes of climate change, the challenges we face going forward, and the ways in which ordinary Americans are being affected right now.

Fox News hosts and commentators have called the NCA release an attempt to “distract” Americans from supposed Obama administration “scandals,” and even resorted to calling climate change a “superstition.” Across the country, Americans are struggling with the effects of climate change, and Fox News is telling them that their stories are irrelevant.

Fox News’ viewers and Americans suffering from climate change deserve better. Let’s send 75,000 messages to Fox News to tell them they’ve gone too far and generate some real media reports with the facts about how climate change is affecting Americans. Please add your name here:


Fox News' coverage of the National Climate Assessment was disgraceful

Dear Fox News CEO Roger Ailes,

I was outraged to see your reporters' disrespectful dismissal of the National Climate Assessment.

This report is not a "distraction" from anything. It's overwhelming, scientific evidence of climate change, compiled by 300 of America's leading scientists and climate experts.

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