The Time is now-Transition Michigan from Coal to Renewable Energy

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) carbon reduction rules for existing power plants will fight climate change and significantly reduce air pollution. The rules are a common sense approach to limit previously unlimited carbon emissions from our nation's largest carbon polluters. Power plants are responsible for 40 percent of carbon pollution in the U.S., which contaminates Michigan's lakes, rivers, and streams and damages our health. The EPA's proposed rules give states the power to decide what policies to put in place to meet the carbon reduction goals. Michigan has a huge opportunity to capitalize on our clean energy successes so far by crafting solutions that accelerate our transition from coal to clean, renewable energy. The Snyder Administration should develop solutions that put renewable energy and energy efficiency front and center.

Use the form below to send a message to Governor Snyder and Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director Wyant. Urge them to meet the EPA's goals by developing solutions that continue to grow Michigan's clean energy economy, improve our air and water quality and protect our public health.


  • Governor Rick Snyder
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Meet the EPA's carbon reduction goals with clean energy solutions

Dear [Decision Maker]

New rules from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to limit carbon pollution from existing power plants are common sense proposals that will combat climate change and significantly reduce harmful air pollution. I am calling on you to craft strong solutions that meet the EPA carbon reduction goals through clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency. Adopting policies that foster renewable energy will build on Michigan's clean energy success story and safeguard our air and water quality.

Cutting the amount of pollution coming from coal-fired power plants would help to reduce the rates of respiratory diseases like asthma, which affects thousands of Michiganders. Michigan's lakes, rivers and streams are essential to our economy and to our environment, but many of them are tainted with pollution emitted from power plants. The EPA's proposed rules would better protect our state's freshwater for future generations to enjoy.

Our investments in clean, renewable energy are already paying off. The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) released a report indicating that Michigan's renewable energy standard (PA 295) has generated $2.2 billion in economic activity since it was implemented in 2009. And that doesn't take into account benefits from improved air and water quality.

I am counting on you to seize this opportunity to continue moving Michigan forward toward cleaner energy, cleaner air, cleaner water, and healthier communities.

Thank you for your consideration,
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