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Take Back Our Democracy! Reverse Citizens United.

In the four years since the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling, the amount of money flowing into our democratic process has skyrocketed. And it’s only going to get worse.

The good news is that Senator Tom Udall (NM) has proposed an amendment to the Constitution that would reverse Citizens United. This proposal already has 43 co-sponsors and there’s a strong likelihood the Senate will vote on it this year.

This could be our opportunity to build momentum for meaningful reform, send a strong message to our elected officials and take back our democracy. But only if we speak up now and demand action. Please send an urgent message to your senators today.


Reverse Citizens United

Dear Senator,

Large corporations have too much influence in our democratic process -- and the vast sums of money they can spend to influence our elections as a result of the Supreme Court's disastrous Citizens United ruling is only making it worse. We must ensure that our elections are decided solely by voters, and not unduly influenced by the hundreds of millions that large corporations are now free to spend.

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