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Tell your senators to stop Mitch McConnell’s attack on the EPA!

Polluter-backed Senator Mitch McConnell only waited one day after the EPA released its Clean Power Plan before he introduced a bill to cut the legs out from under them.

This is an absolute nightmare of a bill that would effectively block the EPA from cutting pollution from power plants. McConnell has disguised this bill as an attempt to “protect jobs” -- and now he’s spent a week whipping votes and spreading lies about what the EPA’s lifesaving new standards will do to our economy.

Don’t let your senators fall prey to his lies. As their constituent you have the power to set the record straight and ask them to oppose this dangerous bill and support action on climate change. Use the form below to send them a message now.


Oppose S. 2414 -- Protect the EPA's limits on carbon pollution

Dear Senator,

I urge you to oppose Senator Mitch McConnell's new bill (S. 2414) to derail carbon pollution standards for power plants. This legislation is the Senator's latest assault on the Clean Air Act, a successful law that has protected every American from air pollution for the last 40 years. This dangerous legislation would effectively block the EPA's ability to reduce carbon pollution from power plants.

McConnell has disguised this bill as an attempt to "protect jobs." But the truth is that it is just an attempt to block the EPA from holding polluters accountable for the dangerous carbon pollution they spew into our air, which fuels climate change and threatens our health. We already have limits on the amount of mercury and arsenic pollution and we should do the same for carbon pollution.

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