Thank the Albuquerque City Council members who took a stand for a healthier New Mexico!

The Albuquerque City Council passed a resolution this week to help replace dirty coal with clean energy. This puts us on a path for a cleaner and healthier future for all New Mexicans.

With this resolution the City Council will urge the Public Regulation Commission -- the government body that regulates electric utilities -- to ensure that PNM uses as much clean energy as possible to replace dirty energy from an aging coal plant.

The five members who voted in support of this resolution were Ken Sanchez (District 1), Isaac Benton (District 2), Klarrissa Peña (District 3), Rey Garduño (District 6), and Diane Gibson (District 7).

Add your name to our thank-you note to those 5 City Council members that voted for cleaner air and a healthier future:

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Thank you for voting for a healthier New Mexico!

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Thank you for voting to pass resolution R-14-59. As a New Mexican who cares deeply about clean air and a healthier future for our children, I appreciate the role you played in allowing us to take this important step forward.

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