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The House of Representatives will vote THIS WEEK on an annual spending bill to fund the government, but polluters and their allies in the House are threatening to use this must-pass bill as a way to block important environmental safeguards that protect our air and water and fight climate change. Send a message to your representative today to tell them to stand up for clean air and water!

These outrageous amendments could cripple two of the Environmental Protection Agency’s commonsense rules to protect our air from dangerous carbon pollution and safeguard our small streams and wetlands. The EPA’s Clean Power Plan would finally place federal limits on carbon pollution from power plants, which is contributing to climate change and jeopardizing our health. The new Clean Water Rule protects the small streams and wetlands that provide drinking water for 117 million Americans by closing loopholes that currently leave them vulnerable to pollution.

These two rules are absolutely vital to protecting our water and climate for generations to come. Tell your representatives to oppose these dirty amendments and protect our water and air!


Oppose the 2015 Energy & Water Appropriations Bill and All Anti-Environmental Amendments

Dear Representative,

I'm writing to ask you to stand up for clean water and air by opposing the 2015 Energy and Water Appropriations bill and all anti-environmental amendments bill that would block important environmental safeguards that fight climate change and protect our air and water.

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