Wildlife criminals should get more than a slap on the wrist

There have been five mass extinction events in our planet's history, and humans could be causing the sixth one right now. Illegal trade in elephant tusks, rhino horn, and other endangered animal parts is a billion-dollar industry that is killing off some of our most treasured wildlife.

What's worse is that even when these criminals are caught with blood on their hands, they don't get the harsh punishments they deserve.

Tell your senators to co-sponsor the bi-partisan Wildlife Trafficking Enforcement Act to punish wildlife criminals and protect endangered species.


Save wildlife with tougher enforcement of wildlife trafficking violations

Dear Senator,

As your constituent and a supporter of the Wildlife Conservation Voters (WCS), I am writing to request that you cosponsor S. 27, the Wildlife Trafficking Enforcement Act, introduced by Senator Feinstein (D-CA) and Senator Graham (R-SC).

Transnational organized crime syndicates are actively involved in wildlife trafficking, an illicit industry including the illegal trade in ivory and rhino horn that generates billions of dollars each year. Unfortunately, many current U.S. laws that are used to investigate and prosecute organized crime syndicates cannot be used for efforts to seek justice against criminals involved with wildlife crimes. And although courts have on occasion allocated penalties resulting from a successful prosecution to organizations that are involved in conservation work under existing law it only occurs when the court involved chooses to do so.

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