Tell YOUR State Senator that Nofs' plan just doesn't cut it.

State Senator Mike Nofs wants to push Michigan to achieve nearly 100% clean energy overnight! Sound too good to be true? It is.

Senator Nofs' plan to reach 100% clean energy is to gut the definition of “clean energy” to include any power plant that isn’t violating state or federal air quality minimums.

Does that sound more than a little misleading to you? Send your State Senator a message and urge them to stop this plan today!

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I am writing to express my serious concerns about Senate Bill 437 and Senate Bill 438. As one of your constituents, I encourage you to consider the shortcoming of these bills and work to make sure they come to better reflect the needs and interests of Michiganders like me.

Michigan has a huge opportunity to build on the success we have already seen in our renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

Our manufacturing strength, talent and know-how, combined with our renewable energy and energy efficiency standards, have made us a regional leader in clean energy. Now is not the time to purposefully stunt economic growth in this critical and growing industry.

I urge you to bring these bills back to the drawing board. Michigan deserves an energy plan that puts the needs of Michigan residents first, and I urge you to take that responsibility seriously by supporting truly clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Thank you for your consideration.

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