To protect our environment and our health, we limit toxic chemicals like mercury, arsenic, and cyanide from our country’s power plants and facilities. But until this summer, there were no national limits to the amount of carbon pollution — the most significant contributor to climate change — that power plants can release.

The Clean Power Plan puts in place the first-ever national limits on carbon pollution, and is the best opportunity we have as a country to confront the climate crisis. But there have already been attacks in Congress — the Senate has already voted to block the Clean Power Plan permanently once, and they’re not stopping there. If these attacks succeed, they could set us back indefinitely.

We are out of time to debate or deny climate change. For the safety and security of our country, we need to take bold action on climate change through the Clean Power Plan. We’re protecting nuestros niños y generaciones futuros. This is a HUGE moment in the fight against climate change! So act now and show your support for the Clean Power Plan today, so that Congress knows where we stand.

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As your constituent, I'm writing to show my support for President Obama and the EPA's Clean Power Plan, and to ask you to stand up to attacks on the Clean Power Plan and support its strong implementation.

Please support the Clean Power Plan and stand up to attacks from climate change deniers.

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