Support Pope Francis in his urgent call for action on climate change

Pope Francis has become increasingly vocal on the importance of acting on climate change. He understands that with rising sea levels threatening coastal communities, intensifying droughts devastating crops, and more extreme weather destroying livelihoods — our warming planet is putting us all at risk, especially the poor and vulnerable around the world.

But conservative groups like the Heartland Institute are criticizing him for invoking our moral responsibility to act on climate change. We Latinos understand the necessity to act — para la salud de nuestras comunidades y nuestro futuro.

Let’s make sure he knows we support his call for strong climate action. Send him a message here:

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I support your call for action on climate change

Dear Pope Francis,

Thank you for speaking up for the need for the world to come together and act on climate change. As a Latino in the United States, many of our communities are disproportionately affected by the effects of climate change -- from poor air quality, extreme weather, and rising sea levels.

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