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Tell President Obama to stop new offshore drilling — permanently!

Just a few weeks ago, the Obama Administration released the latest draft of an offshore drilling plan for 2017-22. We saw a big victory with protections for the Atlantic from offshore drilling until at least 2022, but the plan still opens up the Arctic to Big Oil and expands drilling in the Gulf.

The administration is accepting comments on this plan, but only until June 16. We have already seen that when we raise our voices, President Obama listens. So it is incredibly important that you submit an official comment today to ask that we protect our coasts from offshore drilling permanently.

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Permanently protect the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans from Big Oil

Dear President Obama and Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell,

The science is clear that if we want to hand over a livable planet for future generations, we cannot dig up and burn all of the oil, gas, and coal that the dirty energy industry has discovered. We need to keep dirty fuels in the ground and accelerate our transition to clean energy.

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