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Add Your Name: Help Protect the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is changing fast. Sea levels are rising, water temperatures are going up, and bigger storms are creating a demand for sand that is also important habitat for fish. If that wasn’t enough, our ocean is being used more than ever before. Cables are being built along the ocean floor to power high-speed internet, more wind turbines are being proposed along the entire Mid-Atlantic to help create clean energy, and there are more and bigger ships crossing the ocean every year.

If we don’t take action now, our kids and grandkids won’t get to enjoy the ocean for fishing and swimming like we do today.

Fortunately, decision-makers are trying to protect the Atlantic before it’s too late. The first ever draft Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan has just been released, and while it's a good first step forward, it definitely needs our voice to make it truly reflect our values.

We need your help today to ensure the plan pushes our governments to make smart decisions that protect our ocean’s special places, while balancing the needs of fishermen, ocean towns, boat owners, and the growing clean wind industry.

Add your name now. Tell the Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body to ensure the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan protects our ocean’s special places and requires sustainable development

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