Congratulations, Governor Bullock!

Montana Conservation Voters

Congratulations, Governor Bullock!

Governor Bullock has just won his second term as governor. Gov. Bullock made clean energy a priority in past years, and we need to let him know we need him to keep up the fight in Montana where clean energy opponents will continue their assault on environmental progress. Raise your voice to urge him to take action on climate change that is affecting Montana and to continue prioritizing clean energy jobs in Montana

Sign our petition congratulating Governor Bullock on his victory, and urge him to use his second term to support bold climate action that will build on President Obama’s climate change legacy and create clean energy jobs in Montana.


  • Governor Steve Bullock


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Congratulations, Governor Bullock!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Congratulations on your election victory! As you know, dangerous climate change threatens our health, our economy, our future, and our planet. Thank you for supporting climate action and clean energy that will protect our communities and bring jobs to Montana.

We're making progress but we know we need to do more and the fights ahead won't be easy. Clean energy opponents and their allies will do everything they can to block our health and environmental progress. As a Montanan, I urge you to make climate action and expanding the clean energy economy a priority in 2017.

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