Tell Congress: Protect Drinking Water for 15 Million People

The Delaware River – which is fed by the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Creek and provides drinking water to 15 million people – is too polluted in some parts for swimming and fishing. The Senate passed a bill to help, but so far the U.S. House has refused to support efforts to restore the river or make it a priority.

The river, which runs along nearly the entire eastern border of Pennsylvania, is incredibly important to our state. Aside from providing drinking water to millions of people, including nearly everyone in Philly, it’s a huge part of our state’s economy.

We’ve generated the most Congressional support we’ve ever seen to make sure the Delaware River Basin gets the same kind of attention and funding as other major waterways. If lawmakers hear enough support from their constituents, we can get Senators and Representatives to agree to include our bill in larger legislation about water quality.

Let’s show our entire Congressional delegation that Pennsylvanians support the Delaware River Basin Conservation Act. Send a message now.

Dear Members of Congress,

Now that the Senate has passed the Delaware River Basin Conservation Act (DRBCA) as part of the Water Resources Development Act, it's paramount that it makes it into the final version of the bill!

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