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Thank Senator Gary Peters for calling out Scott Pruitt

Donald Trump's EPA nominee, Scott Pruitt, has called the risks from climate change "speculative guess work" and said the debate is "far from settled." He advocates for Big Polluters while receiving nearly $350,000 in contributions from the fossil fuel industry.

Show your support for Senator Peters who is calling out Pruitt for attacking the EPA's lifesaving public health standards. Send your message now.

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Thank you for calling out Scott Pruitt

Dear Senator Peters,

As a resident of Michigan, I oppose Scott Pruitt's nomination to head the EPA, and I appreciate your leadership in calling out his extreme positions. Throughout his career, Pruitt has done the bidding of Big Polluters, attacking the Clean Power Plan, the Clean Water Rule, and other lifesaving standards. We deserve a leader at the EPA who will protect our health and work to protect the environment and address the climate crisis.

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