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Thank our champions in Congress for leading on climate change!

There is no doubt that 2016 will be remembered as a defining year in the fight to address climate. Despite being the hottest year on record — for the third year in a row — there was an onslaught of attacks on our bedrock environmental laws and unprecedented attempts to roll back national and global progress to combat climate change.

Fortunately, Senators Brian Schatz (HI), Al Franken (MN), Tom Udall (NM) and Representatives Jared Polis (CO), Jared Huffman (CA), Scott Peters (CA), and Alan Lowenthal (CA) were there to push back and offer clean energy solutions to protect our health and environment.

After years of incredible progress combating climate change, we cannot afford to let Donald Trump and his polluter pals in Congress take us back to the dark ages.Send your message and tell these champs you support their efforts to tackle the climate crisis head on.

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Thank you for your leadership in combating climate change

Dear Climate Champions in Congress,

I appreciate your leadership in combating climate change. Thank you for your amendments to advance clean energy, protect public lands and resources, and reduce energy waste. We all can benefit from the clean energy economy that creates jobs, reduces pollution, and saves consumers money all while tackling climate change, the greatest challenge of our generation.

It was great to see your climate amendments included in the League of Conservation Voters' 2016 National Environmental Scorecard.

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