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Sign the Petition: Tell the Banks Funding Dakota Access Pipeline to DIVEST today!

Now that the Trump administration has granted Energy Transfer Partners the final easement and they resumed construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), we must turn our attention to the banks funding this pipeline.

Public pressure is forcing DAPL's lenders to confront the reality that they are backing companies who are openly defying the rule of law, undermining the regulatory process and setting a dangerous precedent. Now these lenders must take a stand.

The 17 banks financing the DAPL project have not yet disbursed all the loan funds they've committed. These banks now face a clear opportunity to reconsider further funding a project that is widely opposed and that clings to an unsustainable energy future.

It is time for these banks to cut their losses and for us to turn up the heat.

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Sign the Petition: Tell Wells Fargo, Citibank, US Bank and SunTrust Banks to Divest from DAPL NOW

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