Tell Secretary Ryan Zinke to Protect Our Public Lands

Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke has vowed to keep public lands public.

However, the national Republican and Montana Republican Party platform includes support of transferring federal public lands to the states under the guise of local control.

Make no mistake! It would cost Montanans millions of dollars to manage the millions acres of federal public lands including Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness, and Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge. What's worse, Republicans know that when Montanans can't afford the tax bill to manage these lands, the state will have to sell them to private landowners. Those first in line to purchase these public lands will be the extrative industries that don't value our outdoor heritage the same way we do. 

Because Secretary Zinke has vowed to keep public lands public, we need to hold him accountable now because President Trump has mounted the most pointed attack on our public lands to date. From enormous proposed budget cuts eliminating money for public land management and maintenance to his recent executive order exposing places like the Missouri River Breaks National Monument to resource extraction or complete elimination, we have to stand in unity against these attacks!

Send Secretary Zinke your thoughts reminding him of his commitment to keeping public lands in public hands. These places belong to all Americans and we should not risk selling them off to the highest bidder. The following is our perspective but feel free to draft your own unique message!

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I benefit tremendously from Montana's public land and water. It shouldn't be a surprise that Montanans hike, camp, fish and hunt in greater numbers than nearly any other state, primarily on public lands. Rich or poor we all can enjoy our public lands and waters in Montana.

Thank you in advance for your leadership to change course and protect public lands in Montana and across the country.

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