Tell Pruitt: Hands off our water!

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has announced his plan to roll back important protections for our water.

In 2015, the Obama administration finalized updates to the Clean Water Rule and enacted commonsense protections for streams and wetlands across the country. These safeguards protected the small streams that feed the drinking water sources for nearly 1 in 3 Americans. They protected wetlands throughout the nation that filter pollutants from water, absorb floodwaters, and provide habitat for countless wildlife. It was a no-brainer supported by millions of Americans backed by science.

But that is all at risk now. If this rule is reversed, it could open up the door for polluters to wreak havoc on drinking water for 117 million Americans. We need you to speak up and demand that this rule remains in place.

Add your name now to send Pruitt an urgent message to protect our water!

Dear Administrator Pruitt,

The last thing we should do is weaken protections for clean water, and I strongly oppose the proposed repeal of the Clean Water Rule.

Please stop the repeal process and get back to EPA's mission - protecting human health and the environment.

Thank you for considering my concerns.

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