Stop Lawmakers from Raiding Environmental Funds

A group of Pennsylvania House members want to close the budget gap by raiding money reserved for critical environmental programs.

Here’s what we know: a group of Republican House members led by Representative Dan Moul just announced a plan to raid 40 special funds to come up with the money to close the gap for this year’s budget. We’d see programs that preserve farmland and historic sites, maintain parks, clean up superfund sites, encourage recycling, and invest in public transit (just to name a few) sucked into the general fund.

Money taken from these funds must almost always be repaid with interest, which means that this short-term gimmick not only seriously damages the environment, it’s also going to make Pennsylvania more broke.

The Pennsylvania House is clearly out of good ideas, so we can’t let this one gain steam. Tell your representative to oppose the latest scheme to raid special funds to close the budget gap.

Dear Representative,

I am deeply concerned by the new proposal from the "Taxpayer Caucus" that would raid important special funds to close our budget gap for one year, and I urge you to oppose this plan.

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