We support clean, renewable energy!

Montana has a choice to make: we can become leaders in a clean energy future for Montana and the Northwest or we can be left behind. Tell Governor Steve Bullock to promote a clean energy future!

  • Maximize energy efficiency & conservationEnergy efficiency and conservation are the least expensive ways to meet our energy needs yet Montana is falling even further behind, ranking a dismal 37th in energy efficiency policies and programs. Let's establish higher goals for energy efficiency and target energy efficiency in public buildings, schools and other areas where it is needed most.
  • Maximize wind energyMontana is among the top five states in the nation for wind energy potential but only 22nd in installed capacity. Let's improve local wind and export opportunities and use our wind to benefit Montanans and customers throughout the Northwest!
  • Solarize MontanaSince 2010, the cost to install solar has dropped by more than 70% but Montana’s barriers on the size of solar systems and neighborhood solar arrays are restricting use in the state. Let's set a higher target for using solar, remove solar barriers and put solar on more public buildings!
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas EmissionsSilence and inaction allow climate change impacts to wreak more havoc in Montana and elsewhere. Let’s implement a Montana plan to reduce GHG emissions, demand scientific data from our federal partners, and support local government, tribal, business and community efforts to reduce GHG emissions.


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Dear Governor Bullock,

Montana is being left behind. We are falling further and further behind in rankings for energy efficiency policies and programs and in installed wind capacity. Our policies limiting the size of solar systems and preventing neighborhood solar arrays make rooftop solar installations inaccessible to many Montanans and businesses. We need a plan to meet our responsibility to help meet shared global goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Governor Bullock, please continue to support a clean, renewable energy future in Montana!