Tell Governor-elect Murphy we’re counting on him

Everything we’ve worked for to reverse Chris Christie’s toxic legacy is coming together. Governor-elect Murphy is committed to restoring New Jersey to a position of national environmental leadership. We’ve got momentum in the legislature to pass sweeping green policies. And we have massive public support on our side.

Governor-elect Murphy has the power to set the agenda in Trenton. If he hears from enough New Jersey residents, he can ensure that fighting climate change, creating good-paying green jobs, and ensuring every New Jersey has access to lead-free water are among the top priorities for 2018.

Sign our petition to urge Governor-elect Murphy to follow through on his promises and make protecting our natural resources a top priority.

To Governor-elect Murphy: 

As New Jersey's incoming governor, you have a tremendous opportunity to reset the state's environmental agenda and reclaim a national leadership role in protecting our environment. With an anti-environmentalist in the White House, states such as New Jersey can no longer rely on the federal government to prioritize protecting our clean drinking water from contamination, our air from pollution and greenhouse gases, and our lands from cancer-causing toxins.

As residents of America's most densely populated state, we are putting our faith and trust in you to lead us on a path to achieve 100 percent clean energy by 2050, limit development in areas that would compromise clean drinking water, modernize our transportation system, and ensure environmental justice. I urge to prioritize conserving our environment by creating good green jobs with family sustaining wages and benefits.

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