Don't Let Trump Open Our Coasts to Big Oil!

President Trump has announced plans to open all of our coasts – the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf, and Arctic – to offshore drilling. 

Has he forgotten what happened with the Deepwater Horizon tragedy? One spill will cost people their lives, destroy entire coastal economies, make our beaches unsafe for swimming, and poison fish and wildlife.

We’ve fought and won fights to keep drilling rigs out of our oceans before. This time, there’s already major opposition to the Trump administration’s plan coming from within the Republican Party. If we mobilize now and show a united front, we can stop Trump’s reckless attack on our coasts.

Add your name to our petition: Tell Trump he cannot sell out our oceans.

Dear President Trump, Secretary Zinke:

I'm writing to tell you not to open our fragile waters to dangerous oil and gas drilling.

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