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This is big: Governor Phil Murphy put New Jersey back on the front line of fighting climate change!

In 2011, Chris Christie took New Jersey out of a partnership with other Northeastern states that are working together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It made no sense. We experienced more extreme weather and massive storms, and instead of taking action, Christie refused to listen to the science.

With Governor Murphy’s decision, New Jersey can once again take specific, meaningful steps to reduce our carbon pollution.

Governor Murphy has a lot on his plate, and the fact that he made the environment one of his first executive orders is a big deal. Let’s show him that he’s got support from across the state so that he continues to make the environment a top priority.

Sign onto our message thanking Governor Murphy for putting New Jersey back in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Dear Governor Murphy,

I'm proud to know that New Jersey is making climate change the priority that it needs to be. Thank you for making rejoining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative one of your top priorities.

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