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Tell the Department of the Interior: Stop Shell's Arctic Drilling!

Shell Oil’s irresponsible attempts to drill for oil in America’s Arctic Ocean have gone from bad to worse in the past year. Now with the recent grounding of Shell’s drilling rig off the coast of Alaska, we have an opportunity to get the U.S. Department of the Interior to suspend Shell’s project and all oil and gas drilling in America’s Arctic. Please add your name to our petition below to help us end Arctic drilling now!

Our Petition

Stop Shell's Operations in the Arctic

Dear Interior Secretary Ken Salazar,

We urge you to halt Royal Dutch Shell's operations in America's Arctic immediately. This year Shell has lost control of its rigs in harsh weather, failed safety tests, and sought exemptions for its drilling fleet to release even more air pollution that would impact the communities and wildlife that depend on a pristine Arctic Ocean. It's time to listen to what the scientists -- and even other oil companies -- are saying and put a stop to this project that risks serious environmental damage.

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