Help Pass the SAFER Pipelines Act

Today, federal regulators approve new pipelines without even finding out if additional gas is needed.

That’s not the only gigantic hole in the pipeline approval process. No one is looking at the big picture to understand what’s happening to the rivers that supply our drinking water when they are crossed by multiple pipelines.  

The law that empowers federal regulators to approve pipelines might have worked when it was enacted in the 1930s. But a WWII-era policy doesn’t cut it for the number of gas wells or new technologies we have today.

The way pipelines get approved desperately needs an upgrade. New Jersey’s own Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman has put forward a bill to ensure that no pipeline gets built that is unnecessary or damaging to our natural resources. Now she needs our help to show the public supports this bill. 

Tell your U.S. Representative you support the SAFER Pipelines Act, and that we need this bill to protect our communities and drinking water sources. 

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As your constituent, I urge you to support the Safe and Accountable Federal Energy Review for Pipelines Act of 2016, or SAFER Pipelines Act.

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