A Bat mitzvah celebration is a deeply meaningful life cycle event, made that much more meaningful and important when celebrated and shared with family and friends.

Doing a mitzvah project to help those with no family, gives the Bat Mitzvah girl a deeper appreciation of all she has and underscores the idea of sharing and caring for those less fortunate.

By signing up to the Lev Lalev Bat Mitzvah project you can create your own webpage, choose a project to support the orphanage in Israel and connect with your family members and friends to let them know about your bat mitzvah and your chesed project.

Helping to raise funds for an orphaned girl in Israel will help to strengthen the Bat mitzvah girls connection to Israel and its people.

At the forefront of a Bat mitzvah celebration is establishing the roots of Jewish continuity from Dor L Dor from one generation to another. Tzedakah and chesed are values which a bat mitzvah girl will surely carry with her into adulthood .


Our Lev Laelv team will assist you and provide you with the resources you need to reach your goal

Mazel tov on your upcoming Bat Mitzvah