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Mazel Tov!

Soon you and your family will celebrate this important milestone.

The Bat Mitzvah is the moment in the Jewish life cycle that most deeply defines who Jews are as a people.  Your Bat Mitzvah celebrates the link in an unbroken chain of thousands of years of Jewish tradition.  The word Bat Mitzvah literally mean “Daughter of the Mitzvah.”  In addition to meaning “commandment” the word Mitzvah also means “connection.”  When a child reaches the age of Bat Mitzvah, she assumes a greater maturity in her connection to Torah and Mitzvot, to her Jewish identity, to Israel and the Jewish people, and to Hashem. 

This marks the time when a child becomes a young adult and is responsible for her own moral and spiritual decisions. In many communities, it is a tradition to choose and support a mitzvah project which has special meaning and significance for the Bat Mitzvah girl herself. She may choose to give tzedakah, and also ask those who will share in her Bat Mitzvah simcha, to participate in sponsoring her project.

Many Bat Mitzvah girls choose a project that connects them to Israel and to needy young girls their age. The Lev Lalev Twinning Project helps Israeli girls celebrate their Bat Mitzvah with dignity and joy. Each year Lev Lalev has a gala communal celebration for all the girls at the Orphanage who are having their Bat Mitzvah in the current calendar year. Sponsors are encouraged to help ensure the success of the event.

Please click (the next page) to see how you can help the orphaned and disadvantaged girls at the Lev Lalev Home in Netanya, Israel. Your kindness will impact the lives of these girls forever.

By choosing a tzedakah project through Lev Lalev you are helping to bring peace and security to Israel’s needy children.

Thank you and once again Mazel Tov to you and your family!

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