Bat Mitzvah Gala Event

  • Project cost-$25,000
  • Already raised $6,500

A gala celebration is held each August for those girls whose Bat Mitzvot take place during the calendar year. The cost of the entire project is $25,000 which includes Bat Mitzvah preparation, a mitzvah meal, presents, and live music. This year seventeen girls will have their Bnot Mitzvah The name of each of the sponsors will be highlighted during the celebration.

Animal Therapy Center

  • Project cost for animal therapy center- $85,000; Aquarium- $10,000. Horse therapy-$10,000
  • Already raised- $25,000

We have plans to set up a full animal therapy center, which includes a petting zoo, garden, and small waterfall. Adjacent to our current building this outdoor therapeutic center will be used for our girls and for other children in the neighborhood. In addition, we will expand our mental health programs to include horse therapy and an aquarium as well.

Music Room and Instruments, and exercise room

  • Project cost-$35,000
  • Already raised-$2,500

In Israel, formal education ends early in the day. We provide our girls with extracurricular activities to help them develop skills and have fun. The number of programs we can provide depends on funds available. The cost of an afternoon “Chug” can be $2,000- $3,000 for all of the girls at the Orphanage. ($20-$30 per girl).

Holiday Clothing

  • Project cost-$50,000
  • Already raised- Each year we run a campaign for Pesach.

Twice a year, before Pesach and before Rosh Hashanah we give our girls a new wardrobe including a dress, shoes, and accessories. These clothes give them great comfort and help them feel better about themselves. One of our new girls told her counselor that she “Never had a nice dress to wear or a normal pair of shoes before she came to Lev Lalev”. $1,500 will give three girls the clothing they need to make them happy over these two holiday periods.

Playroom and Library materials with books, games, toys, puzzles, arts and crafts materials

  • Project cost- $35,000
  • Already raised-$15,000

Description: There is an ongoing need for funds to pay for books including tehilem, games, toys, puzzles, computers. These items are important to the girls and brings them pleasure and helps them with their education. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the funds to update many of these items.

Special events and programs

  • Project cost- $78,000-for all of the programs- specific costs are listed below
  • Already raised- $8,000

Throughout the year the girls participate in a number of special programs including chol hamoid trips ($10,000), summer camp ($40,000), visits to the Kotel in Jerusalem ($4,000), visit to nearby water park and an animal safari ($16,000). They also have an annual play performance which they do in a large auditorium for the community ($8,000).