Sharayah's Wolfhounds

Dear Friends, Family, and Kind-Hearted Supporters,

In 2019, our lives took an unexpected turn when my beloved wife was diagnosed with Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that has since altered the course of our journey together. Lupus is a relentless shroud of uncertainty, affecting not only her physical health but also shadowing her every move. It’s this October Walk to End Lupus that she’s built up the courage to publicly take on this diagnosis, commit to the Walk, and we’d like for you to join us.

Despite the tremendous challenges that Lupus has brought into her life, she has persevered in her academic pursuit, working tirelessly towards her PhD in English Literature. She’s constantly working to lift up voices that are silenced via her studies and teachings. Her dedication to her studies is inspiring, and her determination exceeds that of all persons I’ve met.

In addition to her academic endeavors, we have also been the primary caregiver for her non-verbal autistic brother, Seth. Her selflessness knows no bounds as she provides love, care, and support to him, ensuring that he enjoys the best possible quality of life.

The emotional toll that accompanies chronic illness is immeasurable. As a husband, it breaks my heart to see her suffer, but I am determined to stand by her side and provide the support she needs. Lupus wreaks havoc on the health of those diagnosed and leaves a financial burden in its wake. The relentless medical bills, prescription costs, and frequent hospital visits are devastating for all who endure.


Here's how you can help

  1. Donate: Every donation, no matter the amount, is a step closer to hopefully helping a Lupus patient receive the care they deserve by means of research funding.
  2. Share Our Story: Spread the word! Awareness is key to garnering support.
  3. Walk with Us and/or Join Our Team: We’re joining thousands of other Lupus Patients, Survivors, and Supporters in Charlotte, NC to Walk. The Winston-Salem Wolfhounds Gaelic Athletic Association is a local non-profit that has joined us in the fight. There’s always a spot for you to join us in this symbolic gesture.

We appreciate any form of support you choose to provide.

With heartfelt gratitude,

J Bradley

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