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Let’s put the “fun” in fundraising. Check out the great guides, useful documents and digital downloads below to help you reach and surpass your fundraising goals!

Thank you for all that you do to support people with lupus and their families!

Online Fundraising Guides:

Other Useful Documents:

  • 2021 Walk Poster - coming soon
    Print this flyer and hang at your local coffee shop. Or send it digitally to friends and local businesses and spread the word about the Walk in your community
  • Offline Donation Form
    Send this to your donors who prefer to donate offline via check
  • How Donations Are Used
    An overview of the Lupus Foundation of America’s program and initiatives. Send to inquiring donors or bring with you to your next fundraiser
  • The Impacts of Lupus on the Body
    Lupus is a mysterious disease. Use this graphic to educate yourself and your supporters about how lupus impacts the body

Sample Fundraiser Social Posts for use on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Sample 1: 1.5 million Americans suffer from lupus - a cruel and unpredictable autoimmune disease that can impact any organ of the body.  I'm walking in Atlanta to end lupus.  Please support my efforts and the Lupus Foundation of America's vision of a life free of lupus.  (add a link to your walk donation page)  #lupuswalkga #endlupus #lupusawareness

Sample 2: Lupus is a leading cause of death in young women. No one should die from this cruel disease.  Please support my efforts. (add a link to your walk donation page) #lupuswalkga #endlupus #lupusawareness

Sample 3: I'm walking in the Walk to End Lupus Now Atlanta because you don't have to look sick to be sick.  Help me support the Lupus Foundation of America and end this cruel disease. (add a link to your walk donation page) #lupuswalkatlanta #endlupus #lupusawareness 

Sample 4: The Lupus Foundation of America has been a part of every major advance in the fight against lupus. I'm walking in Atlanta because I want to help end this cruel disease.  Please support my efforts. (add a link to your walk donation page) #lupuwalkga

Using Instagram?  Don't forget to add your walk page link to your bio!

Digital Downloads:

  • Social Media Images
    For you to use as a profile picture or to share on your social media platforms. To save the image, right-click the image and choose “save picture as.” When you upload it, be sure to add your fundraising page link or as a caption to the cover photo. 


    2021 Walk Facebook    United.Together.Powerful 2021 Walk Facebook Join Us Walk 2021   Why We Walk Facebook Walk 2021     Easy Way Facebook Walk 2021   2021 Walk Every Step image       


    United.Together.Powerful Instagram Walk 2021    Join Us Instagram Walk 2021    Why We Walk Instagram Walk 2021  2021 Walk Instagram image    Easy Way Instagram Walk 2021


    United.Together.Powerful Twitter Walk 2021   2021 Walk Twitter Join Us Twitter Walk 2021    Join My Team Twitter Walk 2021    Why We Walk Twitter Walk 2021    Easy Way Twitter Walk 2021    Just Donated Twitter Walk 2021

  • Sample Fundraiser Social Posts


    Lupus is an unpredictable and misunderstood autoimmune disease that can impact different parts of the body from major organs like the skin and heart to the nervous system, including your brain and more. Support me in my efforts to help fight this disease during the virtual #WalktoEndLupusNow event with a donation that can help support research education, and support services for those living with lupus. #WTELN Donation link


    I’m raising money for the Lupus Foundation of America, Georgia Chapter in efforts to help end lupus, a potentially fatal autoimmune disease that affects 1.5 million Americans. Please support me as I participate in the virtual #WalktoEndLupusNow with a charitable donation - together we can help make a difference. #WTELN Donation link

    There are only __ weeks/days left until the virtual #WalkToEndLupusNow event in support of people battling lupus and I am less that $__ away from my personal fundraising goal. A donation from you can help me get there as I raise money for lupus research and support and education services. #WTELN Donation link

    I walk in @lupusorg's #WalkToEndLupusNow event to raise awareness and support people like [relationship (ie. myself, my sister etc)], living with lupus, a chronic autoimmunedisease. Please help me reach my goal of $__ in the fight against lupus so people like [relationship] don’t have to suffer from this awful disease. #WTELN Donation link

    Please consider joining me in the fight against lupus with a donation that will raise money for research and support and education services. Donate to help improve the lives of those with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can impact any part of the body. #WalkToEndLupusNow #WTELN Donation link

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