Milwaukee Lutheran High School 23-24


Red Knight cheer/dance needs your support as they work to both compete and support other programs at Milwaukee Lutheran High School.  The team strives to serve others and give their all during performances.  This experience will last a lifetime and we want them to be exceptional.   To ensure these exceptional experiences for our cheer/dance team we are asking for your support.  Why?


Our Vision Statement says we will “ensure Exceptional Experiences” in athletics.  It is a bold statement that we strive to reach every day.  You may not live close enough to support us in attending our competitions, but your financial support is important in helping us achieve that exceptional experience we desire for our program.  


This is a great opportunity for alumni, parents, and community members like you to help strengthen our program by providing the necessary funding to ensure an exceptional experience for our athletes.  All gifts, at any giving level, are appreciated and get us one step closer to our vision!


Your gift will not only provide general financial support for our program but help us secure team traveling mats, pom traveling bags, game day flags, and team tear-away banner.


“The MLHS cheerleading team strives to support the student body and the athletic teams through crowd-leading performances here at MLHS.  Our team strives to perform to the best of our ability while letting the light of Christ shine through our actions.  The goal of the MLHS cheer program is to help our girls grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. The MLHS cheer program challenges our athletes to incorporate their athletic ability in cheer by incorporating stunting. To help further our stunting techniques and skill development our team often seeks out cheer clinics and camps from the National Association of Cheerleading along with local college teams. Attending those activities does come at a cost for our student-athletes.

By supporting our program, you are supporting a legacy of sisterhood and school spirit! We are extremely grateful for any financial donations and support we receive as we work to continue a legacy of sisterhood and spirit here at MLHS.  Let’s Go Red Knights!!!”

Crystal McClain, Head Coach, Red Knight Cheer & Dance

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