The Fine Arts develop young musicians, actors, and artists who answer God’s call to
guide them to the unlimited beauty found in His arts.

The Milwaukee Lutheran fine art programs (choir, band, drama, and art) are committed to the belief that art, in any form, is a gift from God that should be shared. Our mission is to minister to God’s Church, school, and community bringing others closer to Him through our music, acting, and artwork. As ministers of God’s love, we also strive to enrich our lives through worship, prayer, and service. We open our hearts to trust in God’s plan for us in these important ministries and realize the impact it has on those who are touched by it. Your donations and contributions (whether it be prayers, time, finances, etc.) supplement our fine arts budget and allow us to pursue our vision with priority and passion.
% of Goal
$250.00 Raised
7% of Goal
$700.00 Raised
MLHS Choir
93% of Goal
$24,258.00 Raised
MLHS Drama
2% of Goal
$100.00 Raised