As April marks Autism Awareness Month, Little City is doing its part to give those with autism more opportunities to live an independent and fulfilling life. Since its launch in 2014, the Duffey Family Children's Village has helped dozens of children with autism learn important life skills, earn gainful community employment and become more independent.

The future is even brighter for those with autism as Little City is planning on adding a fourth home to the children's village. These state-of-the-art homes have already helped so many children, including Tommy and Braxton who are on the path to new possibilities thanks to the skills they have learned at the Duffey Family Children's Village.

Braxton is a curious and energetic boy who happens to have autism. He lives in the Duffey Family Children's Village and was one of the original residents at Larry's Home when it opened in 2015.

He is a true testament to how effetive the state-of-the-art homes can change a life as he made incredible improvements since arriving.

No matter where Tommy used to get a bite to eat, he always had the same seat.

"We always had to go through drive-thrus because you had to worry about him grabbing someone else's food or not being able to wait in line; things like that," said Mary Carol, Tommy's mother. "His social behavior out in the community has improved so much. We can go into restaurants or grocery stores and not have to worry about anything. I don't have that nervous feeling anymore when we go out and that's huge. Living with housemates has really helped."

The Duffey Family Children’s Village is a breakthrough, sensory-rich environment that offers a best practice foundation for therapeutic interventions. Today, 80 percent of children living at Little City are on the autism spectrum and the outdated group homes do not meet their needs. Specifically designed to be safe, transformational and therapeutic, the sensory-rich environments for children on the autism spectrum have produced successful and measurable outcomes: increase in adaptive skills, decrease in maladaptive behaviors, and increase in communication and socialization.

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