We're sure you will be enjoying quality time and creating cherished memories with family and friends this holiday season.

But what if those moments were taken away from you and you were left without your loved ones and in an environment that was dangerous, unhealthy and without the comforts of home?

That was a real possibility for Joe, an aging senior suffering from dementia and other physical ailments, as well as for three vulnerable boys in our foster care program who had no family or safe place to call their own. Had Little City not been there for them, a perilous fate would have been a certainty. Thankfully they do have a home and family this holiday season because our programs stepped in and rescued them. But the reality is that a safe and secure home is being threatened for many other individuals that Little City serves, and we need your help.

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When Joe puts a brush to a canvas, age and disability cease to exist. For years, his award-winning art has been displayed in numerous exhibits, purchased by admirers and helped shatter misconceptions about what people with developmental disabilities are capable of creating.

But when the art stops, age and disability become very real for Joe.

Now in his 50s, Joe has to move around with a walker after two falls resulted in a damaged hip both times. His mental and social skills continue to deteriorate as he battles early onset dementia. The mounting struggles required him to move from his longtime home in Palatine to one of three senior-friendly homes that Little City operates in Hanover Park.

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A stable home was in Jayshawn’s near future, but when his foster mother died, he was left desperately searching once more.

Joseph too had a promising opportunity with a foster family, but after six months, things became too difficult and Joseph had to leave.

Then unexpectedly, Jayshawn and Joseph found each other. They found each other and became family because of Little City foster parent Alyza Gordon-Gonzalez.

Alyza has been a foster parent with Little City for a little more than two years and now she is officially a mom as she has adopted 17-year-old Jayshawn, 16-year-old Isaiah and in the process with 17-year-old Joseph. It is a dream come true for her and for the three boys who are now brothers.

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Without the continued support of compassionate people like you, the truly transformative power of the homes we provide for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities could end.

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